Right now, I’m working on an Upwork contract which got started in mid-April. So, I’m learning to convert some administrative skills to book editing, formatting, and publishing. I’m shifting from collaborating with a department lead to sussing out how best to assist an author. I’ve always thought of authors as magicians, even the non-fiction-writing folks.

It’s really very exciting.  I love how everyone who decides to publish is both iterating or summing up our knowledge to date, in bits and pieces, and is also putting new spins on those ideas. I’m very glad I have some technology available to store all of the work out there that I want to read.

Later, I’ll get back to going on about what I’m processing–mostly because it’s sort of helpful to have a sounding board. Thanks for your patience!

An older lady, ex-brick-and-mortar worker, goes remote – learns new tricks. Social media and website building count. All the cool kids are doing it. But I’m not jumping off any cliffs! Well, I might if it’s learning to cliff dive and my bones could hack it. 

I’m sorting through what I already know, what I want to know, and what I love – so I can ‘best fit’ myself before I offer that to individuals or companies. My most recent clients contracted me through Upwork. They’ve been a good platform to work with, respectful, responsive, and giant.

I’m just getting started with Pinterest, just like my other social media choices. I’m very interested in designing custom pins. This is a screenshot of the past and current project boards I’m developing.

Here’s my workplace in this photo. It’s a wonderful, small cafe in the city central. The wall art is courtesy of my sister JoAnn Mace. Work I’ve edited recently has come to me via Upwork. I copyedited translated-English web articles, proofed and suggested a couple of edits for a second-language learner motivational book, and a grant application for Early Childhood Education.

Please leave your contact information if you’d like to connect about my work.