Adventures in getting a late start ~

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I don’t usually reminisce about how great the dial telephone was to use.

However, I have not built websites, haven’t blogged or used chat rooms much. When social media took off, I dutifully jumped on board – and had no clue how to use them really. My Twitter account dates from 2009, and my first tweet was two days ago.

Frozen at the tweet button, I agonized over sending words out into what I envision is a space grander than the earth. Information circles the globe and also expands with the hearts, minds, and imaginations living on it. So, I decided I’d always use Haiku.

It’s not that I’m much of a poet. I did spend many, many jr-high lunch breaks out in the field with my notebook attempting it. In any case, because I’m not highly connected to that social space, I was unaware that TONS of people write their tweets in the 5-7-5 syllable format that’s the basic structure for Haiku. Maybe as I go along with it, I’ll learn more about how I might be a poet.

Well, that’s really about me finding a workaround for stage fright in the social media space. This is all in the service of learning how to use my available resources to work remotely.

In October last year, I decided that if I wanted to continue to visit or live in another country, I’d need to find a way to earn my daily bread. The most viable option was to source work online that wasn’t site specific. And from my searches, it looked like that was doable.

Plenty of helpful people have made lists of the 5 or 7 or 12 things I need to know to get going. Not everyone suggests starting a blog or website. My decision to do so comes from five months of trying to figure out what part of my skills have a market and how to approach people who’d be interested in my work. An even more daunting question for me has been what work is meaningful to me. I’m 57 this year. I’ve had an eclectic employment and life path–different – just like everyone else–and my interests are all over the map. So this is a public start of my journey to figure that out. To reduce my anxiety, I’m thinking of the blog as a performance art piece. This is an open rehearsal of an improv.

Here’s an account of my adventures. This is all nerve-wracking but helpful. I don’t figure that plants are always comfortable when they grow.

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