Uncannily pertinent ven diagram from My Modern Met


Yesterday, I posted an introduction about how this would be a process focussed on the journey rather than a destination. I’d be winging it to a certain extent since my skillset hasn’t been for online work.

Today in my Facebook news–I’m trying to learn more about that medium too–My Modern Met posted this article: Japanese ‘Ikigai’ Philosophy Could Be the Secret Formula to a Long and Happy Life.

The diagram looks something like this that I made to show the visual. Theirs is better, but you might not click the link. I’ll link the wiki on Ikigai as well, so you don’t miss out on its nuances. Here’s my quick visual inspired by their design.


I left my sets uneven in size because that more closely resembles how my internal balancing act articulates. The center, where they all intersect and share qualities, represents Ikigai. Wiki’s more detailed take on it.

I get that it’s magical thinking to assign purpose or personal message to that picture showing up in my feed. A confluence of factors filtered through the grand random-number generator of life, and coincidentally, resulted in a win for me. At the same time, the virtual world handed me a pertinent tool to use as I go forward. Sweet. It’s been around, the idea, but it’s new to me and perfect for right now.

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