Thinking about micro-influencers, examining my compulsion to DIY – Getting started is exhausting

Illustration from a coffee-table poetry book project thank you card – 2018

Decisions, decisions – How many calories does mental work use?

Today was all about connecting with people and services that have been or are becoming amazingly helpful while I’m getting this started. I have read that Pinterest is primarily a sales and marketing search engine. That’s most likely true; I haven’t double checked that. For me, the pin plugin for Chrome with the private board choice efficiently captures my web search/inspiration/research for later use AND makes Google Keep and site bookmarking obsolete. Woohoo.

That might not be anything to celebrate for most folks, but I’ve spent hours going back through my bookmarks and scratching my head about what I thought was interesting there. Now I get an instant visual on my private board and no more bookmarks. It also makes me rejoice because I have a bias about marketing–having been on the receiving end of the hard sell more often than not. Deciding to try Pinterest again, after checking out but never getting started, looks to be a great decision. Even if I never have a vast or tiny community there.

And that brings me to micro-influencers. Here I thought I was being funny and clever sticking those words together. Like Haiku tweets, it’s already been coined. This article in Forbes from March of last year talks about small communities making a big difference and goes on to define micro-influencers, and how to use them in marketing your brand.

Old Forbes article referencing Micro-Influencers

Good for Forbes taking a look at smaller communities’ ability to sway policy and product development. Although, I dislike the ‘use’ part of the article’s suggestion. As mentioned above, I don’t really like ‘marketing’ either. It rubs me the wrong way in the same way folks lately complain about zombie nouns. I also don’t relish the size of the community deemed necessary to make a difference. That reminds me of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – those mass graves of those trampled under whatever machine rampaged.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – I guess it’s only four of them.

My take on micro-influence is all about the people next to you. For the virtual space, the people who provide you with a valuable service, whatever that might be. I want to be genuine in my support of people and businesses, or neighbors and friends, who respect and value good work and play. All of that is influential. The blogs I’ve followed here and elsewhere contribute to my growth. That’s an influence. I share that information with folks in my small circle. I can’t promise it’ll make anyone famous. I’m sort of like that unknown soldier way in the back on the left, who’s watching out for the people right around me.

The virtual and physical world is made up of more of me than that percentage of people with 10k followers. And we count. Maybe not monumentally, but in our own collective centers. And weirdly enough, this online deal makes unknowns more memorialized in a personal way than ever before.

So yeah, it’s been a busy day getting things moving. I’ll stop writing here and make a pin thanking WordPress for hosting my endeavor. I have a compulsion to DIY everything. Earlier, I decided that wasn’t in my best interest right now. I’ll learn the ins and outs of WP later. So, I purchased a template I liked and got it uploaded. Done and done. It was a random find, chosen based on their name when it came up in my web search. I’ll make a pin for them too. They were ridiculously prompt with their response and completed my setup within two hours of my initial contact. And just like the WordPress support people, their email communication was personable and respectful. What a relief. That decision is over. I hope you’ve had similar experiences getting started online.

Now I just have to finish tailoring the site toward my trajectory. This sort of rambling around is pretty much how my brain works – so that pinning thing looks like a winner. I never did get around to finding out how many calories I was using for all of this. Ah well–keep on keepin’ on.

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